Two of five Lahore men reserved for gunning down lady over the land question

Two of five Lahore men reserved for gunning down lady over the land question

LAHORE: Two of the five men reserved for gunning down a lady and injured her sister over a land debate here in the city's Manawan zone per day earlier were captured on Friday, police affirmed.

Police said they captured two of the suspects named in a first data report (FIR) enlisted over the homicide of 40-year-old Aliya. The case was recorded in the interest of the perished's sister and incorporates the provisos of homicide and endeavored murder.

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Among the five suspects were Waqar, Muzammil, Rana Imtiaz, and Allah Ditta, just as one unidentified men. While Rana Imtiaz and Allah Ditta were captured before today, police said they were doing attacks to scan for and confine the rest.

Prior, on Thursday, the expired's family had challenged the police and obstructed Lahore's Jail Road for right around 60 minutes.

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The perished's dispossessed family had claimed that the suspects were engaged with the police and assaulted realizing they had the specialists' help.

Police had clarified then that the men had started shooting trying to get the domain from the five sisters, one of whom was murdered and another injured. Aliya had died, capitulating to her injuries in Services Hospital.

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